The 2019 flowering of the grape hyacinths are looking splendid

What’s New This Year

Parterre Garden

2018 was spent in rethinking the planting in the parterre Garden. Originally each bed was planted with just one type of sensory plant. Some of these plants are Mediterranean such as Lavender and Helichrysum  which are not well suited to the sometimes waterlogged ground.

To help combat waterlogging, the beds have been raised and heavily mulched with grit and compost.

 To increase year round interest all the beds have been planted with tulips and alliums. Alternate beds are planted either with Briza Media or Box. Keep an eye on how this planting develops.

Art & Memory Field

In 2018 considerable additions to ornamental trees in this area were made with winter flowering cherries and early spring flowering  Malus and and Sorbus to compliment the Aspens.

Towards the pond, Woolley tea trees grown from seed brought back from Tasmania have been planted near four contorted willows moved from the parterre.

A hedge of Olearia, a native of New Zealand, and suited to our wet climate has been planted which will be trimmed into a wave as it develops. This increases the sweep of the first bank.

Lower down the field, an area of wilderness infested with brambles has been cleared and access provided via stone slab bridges to an area previously inaccessible. This now leads by a new path to a small woodland copse where a path is being cut through. A small parcel of land incorporating a venerable oak tree over 300 years old has been combined with the Art & memory field and a stream, previously overgrown and hidden, exposed. Some of the banks have been planted with Camasias. More planting is envisaged.


Panaromas taken by Jess Tanner in early July 2019